Cabin/Flight Crew Training

Fire and Smoke Practical Training for Flight Crew

Our Fire & Smoke practical training meets the requirements of (EU) EASA Implementing Rules Subpart N for Conversion Training – flight crew who have recently joined an airline, and for Recurrent Training – whereby every 3 years flight crew are required to complete this practical aspect of Safety and emergency procedures (SEP) Training including the following:

Practical section of the course:

  • Practical handling of extinguishers and protective breathing equipment (PBE)
  • Actual fire fighting, involving the extinguishing of a fire
  • Practical Exercise in a smoke filled cabin environment

Theory section of the course:

  • Theory of Fire
  • Spread of Fire & Smoke
  • Fire Fighting Equipment
  • Fire Fighting Drills & Procedures
  • Coordination & Communication in a Fire Emergency
  • New Methods associated with Ground Based Emergency Services
  • Guidance for dealing with in –flight lithium battery fires/Portable electronic devices