Helicopter Training

At Birmingham Airport Fire and Rescue we tailor make our courses to suit the customers’ requirements.

Typical syllabus would comprise:

  • Chemistry of Combustion
  • Extinguishing Agents – methods of application and use;
  • First Aid Fire Extinguishers;
  • Fire Hose;
  • Fire Equipment – selection, storage, handling, use, inspection and test, maintenance, record keeping;
  • Personal Protective Equipment;
  • Helicopter Construction;
  • Helicopter Familiarisation;
  • Tactics and Techniques – external and internal fires, access, forcible entry, assistance with evacuation;
  • First Aid Training (if required )
  • Casualty Handling

The courses are both theory and practical based with fire training sessions is on our purpose built fire training rig. The live fire training scenarios will help to practice the skills you have learnt during the theory session.

BA Training can be provided and used in the training scenarios if required.

If you have any question on the Helideck training course, content or training facilities then please don’t hesitate to contact us.